Proper Snacking for Fitness Enthusiasts

You might be working out on a regular basis, but are you snacking the right way? You should not be using your workouts as an excuse to overeat. Your snacks need to be a healthy way to meet your nutrition goals and bridge the gaps between meals.

Many people confuse the words snacks and treats. Far too often people are eating treats and considering them snacks. Treats include cakes, cookies, chips, pretzels and even those little packs of food with 100 calories. A 100 calorie treat is still a treat. These are fine once or twice a week, but not everyday. Treats taste good, but they do not provide you with the nutrition you need to work towards your fitness goals.

Now that you know what a treat is, you need to know how to build a healthy snack. Your snacks should include at least one serving of a vegetable or fruit. Try apples, grapes, half of a banana, berries, melon, a cup of raw broccoli, green pepper strips, or a tomato. If you choose a low calorie or vegetable or fruit then you can also have a small amount of high fiber carbohydrate. Try something like high fiber crackers or a small slice of high fiber bread.

The last element you need is a protein. Good choices are a tablespoon of nut butter, lean turkey slices or a string cheese. Eating protein at every meal and snack will help you feel fuller longer and help you build lean muscle mass.

It is very important that every snack has protein and carbohydrates, especially if you are working out each day. It is also important that the carbohydrates in your snack come from a serving of fruit or vegetables. This will help you get enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

Smart snacking is an important part of any fitness routine. If you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, increase strength or build endurance, then snacking plays a role. The right snacks can help you reach any of these goals. You just have to snack right the right way most of the time.